Домашнее обучение: опыт учеников ELK

Очень интересный опыт перехода на домашнее обучение от Ани Харазьян – мамы нашей ученицы мудрой Саши)
Сделаем все, чтобы Сашин английский помог ей стать человеком мира!

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Meet Andrew Freeburg, our New English Curator


My name is Andrew. I come from the wild woods of Connecticut, USA and recently graduated from Yale University, but right now, I’m having the adventure of a lifetime in Moscow, Russia. Here, I work as a theater artist and designer during the day, but in my free time, I love teaching, and have been doing so here in Moscow for several years.

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Read the best: The Egg by Andy Weir, 2009

ELK Academy introduces you to the best short stories of all time so you could have fun, improving your vocabulary and reading skills. “The Egg” is a short story by American writer Andy Weir (the author of “The Martian”). It is Weir’s most popular story, and has been translated into over 30 languages by readers.

Please, read the story and share your thoughts in the comments.

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