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Hello world!

My name is Anna. I was born in Latvia, studied in Germany, traveled whole Europe and now I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – in St. Petersburg, Russia. I am very happy to be a part of the ELK academy!

I’m looking forward to get to know a lot of interesting people through my desktop and to help you guys to speak and enjoy new foreign languages. Helping people to understand each other is something that motivates me the most in my job. I love my main job as German interpreter and teacher – my 7 year long hobby which turned out to be a big part of my professional life as well.

When I was younger I did rhythmic gymnastics. Being a part of the national team, we had to train every day. It was hard, but I loved it; it was beautiful and creative. And what a feeling it was to achieve good results! Learning a foreign language is not much different. It needs will, discipline, a good coach, and creativity as well. Knowing the goal helps to find the most appropriate tools and shortest path to it.


Now I don’t do sports a lot, but I can’t imagine my life without motion. I try different dancing styles, however, my favorite is contemporary dance. It is more than just a dance; it has to be artistic. Love to arts, literature, history, grey color, all kinds of rain, spring and summer nights, dark days in autumn and winter, long conversations in kitchens, and a little bit melancholic temperament – you cannot avoid all these being a part of the Russian cultural capital. I guess I am not an exclusion.

I believe that indifference is a disaster for every society. That’s why I try to be responsible citizen; I volunteer to support several social projects. I also curate an Alumniclub of Hamburg Internship program. It is network of professionals who speak German and usually work on bilingual projects. We meet every two weeks in a pub, discuss news in German, and play games (because serious things can be achieved through fun as well!)

I am very curious about how language, culture, and society influence each other and our way of thinking. My PhD thesis was about a world picture of russian language– I was researching the way our fairy-tales affect russian mentality. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish my paper some day. Every new language is a key to another mentality. I have some keys already in my pocket, and I’m trying to unlock the door to Spanish culture.

Let’s get a team of keymasters in German together!

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