#19 Digest World News about … something spooky …

This digest is a little bit different from the rest. Halloween is upon us and so the news get a little bit spooky as well. 

Digest curated by our teacher Svyatoslav Tugeev

Spooky things and things to fight the spooky

Sneakers. Yes.

Holy water has long become a familiar attribute of those fighting evil, but someone decided to modernize its containers it seems. And yes, indeed, we are talking about sneakers. While probably considered by some to be of poor taste, these sneakers were imagined first as a joke, a riff on the collab with famous people. The tongue in cheek nature of the project has not stopped people from nabbing them at quite high prices. No surprise, to be honest, this seems like the best defense for the upcoming Halloween! 

Feeling hungry? Your pizza does as well

If there is ever a need for proof that even the most innocuous things in life can be made creepy, this is it. And of course it is made in Japan, a country famous for its talent in the horror industry in general. And this year’s offering is rather tame, compared to the last one’s. Imagine opening a box and having this stare at you!

How about a rosary?

This device seems to have arrived from some parallel universe, but has actually been released by the Vatican itself. In their attempt to connect with the modern youth, focused on technology, Vatican has released “smart rosay” that helps them to pray more effectively,  If you have ever wished your prayers to be more high-tech – this is the solution. Let’s be honest, however, it is not the most awkward one yet.

Spooky places

Welcome to Chernobyl

Chernobyl has long been an object of both fear and fascination in equal measure, with many tourists seeking particularly thrilling and terrifying experiences visiting it to witness the desolation. Until recently, however, the center of the catastrophe, reactor 4, has been closed to the public. Now, despite remaining extremely dangerous, it is opened to those brave or foolish enough to visit it. If you want to know why exactly it is so dangerous, why is it opened now, and who organizes the visits – the answers are in the article.

A pub and a prison to sleep at night

UK has no shortage of scary places, so it is no wonder that many of them are offered for the public to scare themselves at Halloween. Want a drink? How about a pub, where the basement hides a terrifying secret? Want to sleep at night? A haunted prison is at your service if you are brave enough. A snack and ghost hunting equipment will be provided, but the courage you will have to find on your own. UK is not the only one, of course, so how about a US hiking trail full of creepy dolls? Just imagine walking it at night!

Spooky reality

Creepy tech

Ever thought of selling your face? Well, now you have the opportunity! Not literally of course, but still the offer sounds extremely creepy. A tech company designing a companion for the elderly people is prepared to buy a “kind and friendly” face for 130.000 $, potentially planning to give it to thousands of robots around the world. Would you be prepared to make this deal?

And something a bit more serious

Halloween means costumes, many many costumes. And most of us are not making them ourselves, instead opting to buy them at the store. And it is not like we are going to wear them any other day – most of them are one time use. And the problem is most of them are made of plastic. So what does it mean for the environment? Well, pretty much the equivalent of 83 millions plastic bottles in one day.

And finally – Spooky stories

Dark, scary, and convenient

From dark myths to unsolved crimes, from legends to modern and twilight-zone-like horror stories, these podcasts offer content appropriate for the celebration, and those interested in the macabre are sure to find something here that would pick their curiosity. 


Hope we didn’t scare you so much? 🙂

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